Direct Accountability Program

The Direct Accountability program is an alternative to prosecution for eligible individuals who have limited or no prior involvement in the adult court system and have been charged with minor criminal offences.

It involves offenders being held accountable through community-based sanctions and recognizes that protection of the public does not always require the full use of the criminal court process.

Available sanctions include:

  • Letters of Apology
  • Charitable donation
  • Restitution
  • Volunteer work
  • Attending a program or presentation
  • Peace Bond

Participation is voluntary and participants in the program must be willing to assume responsibility for the actions that led to the charge and be prepared to make amends for their actions.  Being eligible to participate in the program does not mean that the accused is “getting off easy”.  It does mean that by successfully completing the sanction imposed, the participant can be held accountable for their behaviour and can have the charge(s) withdrawn or stayed by the court.  The Crown Attorney will notify the accused on or before their first court appearance if they are considered eligible. This program is funded by the Governement of Ontario through the Ministry of the Attorney General

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