Hunting & Fishing Guide

Hunting & Fishing Guide

Fishing & Hunting Guides (2 F/T Positions): Your exceptional knowledge and practical fishing and hunting skills are a given, along with a feverish passion for the outdoors. You live and breathe to fish and hunt and seek constantly to improve your learning. You understand fish behaviour patterns and the influences that affect them and you can put people on fish under all conditions. You are equally adept at hunting, particularly black bear, and have proven skills in baiting, tracking and processing large game.

But guiding is not about you or the fish and wildlife you harvest. It’s about the experience and memories you create for others. After all, you’ll spend hours and even days on the water or in the bush with guests from all walks of life and from around the world. Your time with them needs to be about more than the fish they catch or the game they hunt. You’re fulfilling “bucket list” expectations and creating stories people will tell over and over again.

You are personable in nature, professional in demeanor and your knowledge and credibility shows instantly in your organization, conduct, integrity, confidence, safe practices and the level of focus, skill, pride and detail you bring to your work. You’re a story teller, a teacher, an interpreter of the outdoors – able to adapt to audiences of all ages, interests and proficiency. You make cleaning fish, preparing shore lunch or processing large game an education and a memorable occasion. With each adventure, you exceed guest expectations, enrich their lives and leave them wanting more.

As a team player you bring additional skill sets as a handyman and the ability to tackle general repairs and maintenance work in a camp setting which may include light carpentry, plumbing and other work. You can trouble shoot and know your way around boats, outboard motors, small engines, trailers, ATV’s and vehicles. You are proactive and act instinctively and can anticipate needed work before problems occur. You respect tools and equipment and handle these like they are your own. For you, there is no such thing as “that’s not my job” and you are always ready to pitch in wherever and whenever help is needed.

Along with required licensing for fishing & hunting in Ontario and your boat operator’s card, you have or can obtain certification in all of the following: Ontario Worker’s Health & Safety Certificate, Ontario Safe Food Handling Certificate, First Aid, WHIMS and Chainsaw Operator’s Certificate. You possess or will obtain quality fishing and hunting gear (rods, reels, tackle, fish finder, skinning knives, GPS, rain gear, protective outerwear, safety wear, etc.). You are adept at working with relevant technologies and applications including GPS, Hunt Stand, Navionics, Trail Cameras and other applicable hard/software and utilize these to optimize work delivery and results. You are at least 25 years of age with a clean driving abstract, a reliable vehicle and you are available May to October, 2020.

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