Saw Filer

Saw Filer

  1. Repairs bandsaw, handsaw, and circular saw blades according to customer’s or manufacturer’s specifications, using handtools, machine tools, and welding equipment: Examines saw for defects.
  2. Cuts broken teeth from saw, using power shear.
  3. Forms teeth on saw blade by beveling joints on grinder and welding or brazing them together.
  4. Brazes or welds cracks in saw blades.
  5. Straightens twists and kinks in blades, using straightening press, and hammers out dents in blade on metal table.
  6. Adjusts cutting width of teeth, using swage or special pliers.
  7. Computes number and angle of teeth to produce specified cut.
  8. Clamps blade in saw-filing machine and turns handwheel to adjust distance between teeth, angle of bevel, and depth of cut of file or abrasive wheel.
  9. Starts machine that automatically grinds and files saw teeth.
  10. May be designated according to type of saw sharpened as Band-Saw Filer; Circular-Saw Filer.”

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