Merchandise Processing Manager

Merchandise Processing Manager

. Oversee the general operation of the processing department, make decisions and take reasonable action.
. Responsible for the selection, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of all merchandise team members.
. Train merchandise team members in the sorting, inspecting, grading and rolling of all merchandise – among other tasks.
. Collaborate as an integral part of the management team by providing support, attending meetings, and sharing information.

Employee Relations
. Provide direction to the merchandise processing team regarding company policies and procedures.
. Recognize and report policy infractions to the General Manager and Human Resources. Conduct and participate in all performance management meetings.
. Responsible for on-going performance assessment conversations against set goals.
. Assist in the implementation of employee recognition programs and events.

Health and Safety
. Confirm that the merchandise department is kept in an organized and clean manner in accordance to company housekeeping standards.
. Take precautionary measures and follow company guidelines against external and internal theft. Take appropriate action when external and internal theft occurs.
. Provide a safe workplace by identifying and properly removing any hazards and reporting hazards to the General Manager and Joint Health and Safety Committee.
. Manage all workplace accidents, complete and submit proper documentation in a timely manner and inform the General Manager and Human Resources.
. Co-Chair of the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Departmental Responsibilities
. Regularly complete floor walks to determine priorities and delegate tasks to team members in morning meetings and throughout the day.
. Coordinate the efforts of the merchandise processing team to ensure timely flow of merchandise to the sales floor- maintaining inventory levels.
. Analyze and record daily merchandise processing data; including soft and hard pounds received and processed.
. Communicate goals and target changes to merchandise team throughout the shift.
. Plan, create and execute weekly schedules for the merchandise department.
. Accurate and timely completion of administrative duties.
. Direct the merchandise department in the preparation and execution of sale days.

Other Duties
. Maintain professionalism while communicating with peers, managers, customers and clients.
. Collaborate with store management to ensure operations and production work as a team toward the same goals – this may include sharing some responsibilities between the two departments.
. Knowledge of proper procedure to open and close the store.
. Troubleshoot technical difficulties with POS, pricing computer and other office equipment.
. Perform additional job-related duties as requested by the General Manager.

. 4+ years of experience working in a retail warehouse environment.
. 3+ years of managerial experience in a high volume fast-paced environment.
. Previous work in a thrift retail environment is considered an asset.

Core Competencies:
. Health and Safety Focused- Commitment to health and safety in the workplace, understanding Provincial Health and Safety guidelines and standards.
. Reliability- Shows commitment, dependability and accountability in one’s work, and follows through on all designated tasks and projects regardless of interruption.
. Team Building- Work to develop, maintain, and promote positive working relationships within the Merchandise Processing department to promote inclusivity.
. Drive for Results- Constantly re-assess department and store priorities while communicating and delegating accordingly to achieve the desired goals.
. Communication- Be clear and articulate when speaking to a group or an individual; assuring that the intended message is fully comprehended.
. Performance Management- Set clear expectations for job assignment and monitor employee’s performance; when giving feedback provide suggestions and coaching for future development.

Physical Requirements
. Ability to stand and walk for the duration of shift.
. Constant bending, reaching, and using hands for repetitive actions.
. Lifting and carrying items up to 50lbs without assistance throughout shift.
. Pushing and pulling merchandise containers on wheels weighing up to 500lbs.

Work Environment
. Exposure to dust – all of designated shift.
. Exposure to periodic temperature fluctuations and noise levels.
. Work schedule hours may include evenings, weekends and holidays.
. Interaction with customers, clients and the public at large.

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