Nika, LINC – Instructor

Nika, LINC – Instructor


LINC, Instructor

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The most rewarding thing about teaching is seeing my learners progress.

When you are a student it is difficult to pinpoint your progress, but as a teacher you mark every small improvement your students make and it makes me smile. As a person who has lived in another country, I can relate to the difficulties my learners can face. This is the reason why I find teaching LINC so fulfilling, because I know I can make my learners’ life a little easier and they would not have to go through the same difficulties I faced. I guess, it is my way of giving back to the community for all the times when I couldn’t use the language and a kind stranger was nice enough to help me.

I think the most memorable success of our classroom as a whole, was when we were learning how to report a loss of a bank card. We listened to the dialogue, then we read the dialogue and practiced with disappearing dialogue. Disappearing dialogue is when some parts of the dialogue are erased and learners have to remember what was erased in order to recreate an authentic dialogue. As this exercise got progressively more difficult learners were helping each other recreate a dialogue and the moment when we finished and they were able to recreate dialogue without any help was very rewarding for them and for me.

I think the best part about living in North Bay is nature and people here.

It is a very welcoming city and it immediately felt like home. I enjoy photography, so I was stunned by the beauty and atmosphere of North Bay that I want to capture in my photos.

Favourite hobbies; I think I enjoy taking photos of people the most. When I take pictures of people it feels as if I am opening a new book and unearthing new knowledge about people. I really enjoy that. But overall, I also enjoy taking photos of nature and the city too. I really enjoy the views near the Lake Nipissing. I had taken a fair amount of pictures in downtown too. I hope to capture more of North Bay’s beauty in spring, when the weather is warmer.

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