Diversity at Work Nipissing

Diversity at Work Nipissing

The Diversity at Work Nipissing (DAWN) program is a client driven employment related program that strives to meet the needs of Newcomers to Canada while assisting the local economy grow by becoming more Inclusive and Diverse.

Moving to Canada and unsure of how to proceed with housing? Watch this video for tips on finding housing in Canada as a Newcomer:

Services for Newcomers:

Yes Employment Services is here to assist Newcomers from the start of their journey in the North Bay area.  The DAWN Employment Consultant strives to assist Newcomers on their path from that first Canadian job to economic stability. That path is different for everyone, so we offer an individualized action plan for each person/family.  Newcomers can be assisted through workshops on Canadian Workplace and Culture, Business Language, Workplace Competencies, Financial Literacy, Community Resources, and other topics that become necessary.  We also offer one-on-one workshops to allow Newcomers that have a lower language level access to this information at a pace that they can understand.  We provide many other services, including:

Networking and mentorship opportunities are another way we plan to assist Newcomers to move along their career path to their long-term goals.  By matching an industry volunteer with a newcomer, we hope to provide networking opportunities in the specific career path as well as gain knowledge of how that specific career looks in the North Bay area.  We train our mentors to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience.

Services for Employers:

The DAWN staff also focus on assisting local employers by helping them learn how to deal with a new dynamic in their workplace.  We provide Diversity Training that outlines ways to successfully on-board and retain newcomers in the workplace, and we have Community Outreach staff to assist as specific needs arise on a one-on-one basis.

Whether you are a newcomer to Canada, or thinking of welcoming a newcomer into your workplace, start your journey with us!

This project is funded by the Government of Canada

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